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Bún Riêu $6.95
Bún Măng Vịt $6.95
Mì Vịt Tiềm $6.95
Cơm Chiên Cá Mặn $6.95
Cơm Tôm Kho Tàu $8.95
Pad Thai (Shrimp & Chicken) $8.95
Thai Fried Rice (Chicken) $7.95
Thai Fried Rice (Shrimp or Seafood) $8.95

1. Bò Nhúng Dấm**
Beef sliced thin and dipped in a hot pot, filled with a clear broth mixed with vinegar.
2. Bò Nhúng Bơ**
Thin slice of beef, fried with butter over a hot plate.
3. Bò Tái Chanh**
Beef marinated in fresh lemon juice and dipped in a special sauce.
4. Bò Lụi
Beef skewers, marinated in garlic, black peppers, lemongrass sesame and soy sauce.
5. Bò Nướng Lá Lốt
Beef marinated with sesame oil, pepper and salt wrapped in a special leaf called ‘La Lot’.
6. Chả Ðùm
Steamed ground beef, mixed with salt, pepper, peanuts, lemongrass and onion.
7. Cháo Bò
Beef rice soup.

Cho 2 Người $29.95 (For 2 people)
Cho 3 Người $39.95 (For 3 people)

An extra: large vegetable $4.00 small $2.00 and
Vermicelli (bún) $2.00
An extra plate set up $2.00
(Charge for take-out $2.00)

**Consuming raw or uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs
may increase your risk of food borne illness **

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