Mon-Sun: 10am to 10pm - Eat In & Take Out - We accept major credit cards

'Tucked into a storefront in Dorchester, this kitschy, ultracasual Vietnamese café is worth seeking out...'
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'Most pho joints excel at pho and only pho. But at Pho 2000, a kitschy, gingham-clothed joint in Dorchester, everything that comes out of the kitchen is superlative—and a bargain to boot...'
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'In a neighborhood filled with Vietnamese restaurants, this one stands out for its casual environment, friendly staff, and variety of fresh dishes...'
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'It may seem like a bit of a trek to go to Dorchester for Vietnamese food, but once you’re there, you’ll appreciate every minute it took. Fields Corner boasts some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in the city, including Pho 2000 — famous for its "Bo 7 Mon." That’s seven — yes, seven — courses of beef....'
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