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Served with steamed white rice..

54 Bò Xào Cải Rổ, Nấm Rôm hoặc Ðậu Hòa Lan
Beef with Vegetable. Beef sauteed with a choice of Chinese broccoli, fresh straw mushroom or snow peas.

55 Bò Xào Ca Ri
Curry Beef with Vegetable Medley. Beef sauteed with curry, onions, red pepper, celery, carrot, snow peas and roasted peanuts.

56 Bò Mông Cổ
Tender beef scallions, carrots and onions mixed with milk Mongolian sauce and served on sizzling platter.

57 Bò Xào Sả Ớt
Lemongrass Beef. Beef sauteed with lemongrass, onions, scallions and red pepper.

58 Bò Xào Broccoli
Beef with broccoli. Beef sauteed with locally grown broccoli.

59 Bò Xào Rau Cải
Beef with Vegetable Medley. Beef sauteed with red pepper, onions, carrot, broccoli, celery, snow peas and mushrooms.

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